Consulting Services

Magellon Technologies brings Breadth and Depth to any client engagement. 

Our business and technology expertise include:

- Management Consulting

- Enterprise Software Architecture

- Newtork Design and Installation

- Project Management

- Technology Assessment
Our Technology Consulting practice is second to none.  We work hard to partner with you and lend ourselves as an extension of your organization.

Utilized correctly, technology can provide a strategic advantage for any company attempting to thrive in todays marketplace.  Our expertise is providing business context to technology, and ensuring the use of it, provides a quantifiable benefit to your business.

While some consultancies believe in the use of technoloogy for the sake of technology, we do not subscribe to such thinking.  We believe in the use of technology for the benefit of your business enterprise.  Simply stated, If it doesnt positively impact your business, we wont recommend it.

Magellon Management Consulting practice is also in a class by itself.  Our focus on our people provides us a unique opportunity to recruit some of the best business minds available.  Most of our consultants will have over 10 years experience working in multiple industries and companies of the Fortune 500. 

When you are requiring assistance navigating in todays global economy, we are sure we can help.